CBSE Affiliation Code - 1730783 Nursery to Class Xth Mandatory Disclosure

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Mission & Vision of Star Academy


The STAR ACADEMY is a school of learners that strives for excellence values individuality, fosters a passion for learning, promotes the balanced development of mind, body and character, encourages service  and instills a respect of others. Our progressive curriculumn integrates seamlessly with dynamic extracurricular activities. Promoted by a team of education experts, the school is strongly omitted to impact high – quality education with focus on all-round development of children.


STAR ACADEMY is dedicated to bring out synergy of skills, knowledge, and values in our children. Our learning environment enables each child to realize their unique learning style, while our way of teaching helps them discover their own creative and artistic potential

Leap: A Foundation School for leadership, Entrepreneurship and Enduring Values

At Star Academy we believe the right mindset leads to the right skills, Our rigorous academic approach encourages original thinking of the students, challenges their competencies, and shapes them into confident and conscious citizens. The dedicated and highly qualified educators comfort the students by actively engaging with them round the clock.

The interactive claS5rooms, creative art classes, sportive games period, soothing Spiritual spell, and the empowering public service initiatives together enhance the ability of each student to think, act and lead the change for a better tomorrow. Through this Interactive based learning they are well-endowed not only to ace the competitive examinations of the most sorted universities in the world but also to take up the ethical family business with great dedication.

We Create Something New

As parents, you are concerned about your kid’s future, whose schooling lays the foundation to his/her education. You have to invest your valuable time and effort to find no. 1 school in Jhunjhunu. Star Academy always believe that “Learning is Doing” – a kid needs to ‘touch’, ‘learn’, ‘enjoy’ and ‘explore’ to understand the world around him. As you know, learning happens during the early years of a kid’s life where his/her mind is open to new ideas.


  • To stimulate the kid’s imagination, Star Academy provide many opportunities for the child to grow and develop in reading, listening and playing.
  • Therefore, we understand very clearly, that there should be no compromise when it comes to quality education to our kids.
  • We offer the best in terms of fee structure, infrastructure, value for money, curriculum, accessibility, timing, hygiene and personal attention.